Switching off

I hope you all had a restful bank holiday weekend. I’ve tried doing an evening or days without technology but with my husband running businesses it’s quite difficult for us to totally switch off. However, sometimes it is a great feeling to shut off that part of your mind like I did for parts of this bank holiday.


Recently, we took our wonderful niece, cousin and cousin-in-law to a restaurant and then afterwards to watch Paddington bear and just hang out. Every time I’m around family or just have long over due catch ups with friends and loved ones, I find I need nothing else. If I’m walking or going for a jog, I don’t need technology either.

I find it remarkable that sometimes we need to schedule time to switch off, or maybe that’s just me. I also find it amazing as to how much more calm I feel the less I look at multiple screens. So now, the only time I am at my multiple screens is via work or the blog. That’s a good balance. I also find that I return to screens more focused and more productive as a result of down time!

So what do you guys do? Do you switch off from the world from time to time, do you do it every day? Do you need to remind yourself to do it?

As always comment below. If you like my ramblings let me know, and let me know what your favourite posts are!


The World’s Most Expensive Food

Right readers, is anyone else watching this show, ‘The World’s Most Expensive Food’? In a nutshell, it’s about the London’s super rich and their spending habits and how much that group spend on products/experiences.

It blows my mind that so far in this series, we’ve seen a £300 cup of coffee, £5,000 for a shot of a rare alcohol and more than £200 for truffle. Oh and not forgetting, thousands for caviar. Also, did I forget to mention that this £300 per cup of coffee is made from the coffee cherries excreted by a wild cat and then left to dry and roast? You are, essentially drinking cat poo.

This is the fella who provides you a £300 per cup!

This is the fella who provides you a £300 per cup!

I also find it really intriguing that there are so many super rich that have that much to spend, yet we have a country like Nepal, suffering untold misery from natural disasters, where it will take potentially decades to get Nepal back with their current economic climate, without foreign aid.

I get it, you work hard, you can do what you like with your money; we all have our choices. I like to splash out from time to time as much as the next person but I guess what I don’t know if I understand is that these ‘super rich’ according to this show, seem to spend on dinner parties to outdo each other. I find it quite a strange concept, but perhaps I don’t know enough about that world. Not judging but does anyone else have any viewpoints on this or is it just me that finds it jaw dropping-ly ridiculous?

Leave your thoughts below…


Last week’s Thai feast

My husband and I have this thing. Or should I say, I have this thing, where we go ‘around the world’ and make authentic feasts from different countries, followed by a movie from that country and music whilst we’re eating and maybe even an outfit. The first one happened three years ago, where I took him to China, and I dressed for the occasion, made lobster noodles and dimsum followed by green tea pannacota though the movie didn’t quite happen, as I just couldn’t find one we both wanted to watch! Fast forward three years, what was meant to be a ‘take in turns’ feast, it’s now just a ‘me’ thing, whereby I come up with the ideas and I do. He eats, he cleans, no complaints there whatsoever. I enjoy doing them, and last week we went to Thailand, only plus two, as I cooked for my parents too.

This was actually, the first time ever where I didn’t make my sauce from scratch, but I added authentic ingredients in and bought everything fresh. First up was to make my red curry, two ways. I made one with chicken, and one vegetable curry. To my red curry paste I added: lemongrass, kafir lime leaves, plenty of lime juice and one chopped up red chilli, and a tin of coconut milk. Note to all: When using a ready made paste, don’t just cut a chilli and put it in like I did, the paste needs time to reach it’s ‘beauty’ point (as I call it). When it reaches that point, that’s when you should taste it and then see if you want more heat. As a result of this, I had to add coconut cream to the mix to try and mild it out a tad.

Thai Feast Time!

Thai Feast Time!

Then came freshly cooked jasmine rice which was an easy affair, followed by pad thai, made fresh, with plenty of peanuts and peanut butter, as that’s just how I like it. A few squeeze of lime juice later, and we were good to go! For dessert, I wanted to try something I’ve tried in Thai eateries before but never at home, I bought a mango that cost silly amounts from M&S (I don’t recommend you do that) and used the left over jasmine rice and combined this with a coconut sauce that I made. I then poured the sauce over some cooked rice, and sliced mangos to go on top. This was DIVINE! I will be making this time and time again!

Dessert time!

Dessert time!

Feedback was great, if I would do anything better, I wouldn’t buy as many vegetables as I didn’t quite realise that I WASN’T feeding the five thousand. Other than that,house wifey points 10, countries around the world, 4.


Recent trip away – Part 1

I seem to just keep apologising for my lack of posting so now I’m going to just give up and post when I can, perhaps it might make some of you who like to have a nose but not comment, come and stop by more often and maybe leave me a comment eventually!

Here goes. I was fortunate enough to need to go to Germany for work back in November (where has this year gone?!), thus one Easy Jet flight later, I was in München aka Munich. It had rained the previous day, so puddles lay ahead of my suitcase and I, and a dark grey hue enveloped the sky above, threatening us with the possibility of rain on my first working day.

As I took a couple of days of annual leave, I managed to see the city too. Although it was rather chilly out there, I came prepared and my green woolly scarf saved my neck on many an occasion. Here are a couple of snippets. Enjoy!

Munich Trip

Mulled wine to keep warm

Mulled wine to keep warm

The biggest beers I've ever seen, I can't even stand the smell, I have no idea how people drink that much!

The biggest beers I’ve ever seen, I can’t even stand the smell, I have no idea how people drink that much!