The Nail Project – update

Sorry for the lack of posting. We went on holiday. I will be posting about it as it was truly awesome. It’s strange how when we go on holiday and then return to normal life the holiday seems like a lifetime ago?! Weirdness.

Anyhow, I thought to update you all on my nails. Thank you all for the encouragement,not just on here, but actually face to face from friends who I didn’t even know read my blog! It helped to make my nails grow to the longest I think I’ve ever seen them.

Still short but getting longer and STRONGER!

Until wait, my nicest one broke. Suffice to say they are now all pretty short, but stronger than they have been in a while. So it won’t be long til I can give you an update with a picture of even longer nails! That said, I actually enjoyed them at their longish length before, and don’t know if I would want them any longer. It would certainly make it hard to play the piano which can’t be a good thing.

Longer and stronger nails

Let me know what you think of my nails and leave some encouraging comments below!


Sam Smith – Finally, a reason to turn the volume up

Stay with me, cos you’re all I need. 

It doesn’t sound like much lyrically speaking, heck I should know, I’ve written my fair share of bad songs in addition to the keepers! However, when you have a voice like Sam Smith, the vulnerability with which he sings this song, has me getting goosebumps each time I hear this track.

I’ve got to be honest, I had no clue who Sam Smith was, he seemed to come out of nowhere on my musical radar. Most songs like this one usually don’t move me, but perhaps it’s the fact that Sam sounds genuine, in all his performances he doesn’t seem as though he is putting on a show. He reminds me of a male version of Adele, and let’s face it, wouldn’t that duet be awesome?

Most of all, I understand yearning, I used to yearn for acceptance as I think everyone probably does or wants to at some stage in their life. Until, now, where I’m actually happy with who I am, and I don’t need anyone’s acceptance for that.

So if you love Sam Smith and find him just as refreshing as I do, in a music scene that has a heck of a lot of noise on commercial radio, then leave your comments below, or better still subscribe to my blog!


The Nail Project

For anyone who has known me since time immemorial, they can vouch for me when I say that I would pick my nails at every opportunity. Instead of beautiful fingers, my fingers looked almost raw with pain. Over Christmas last year, I had managed to grow my nails to the longest they had ever been, only for them to chip or break at their most beautiful.

I had well and truly been beated by a blooming finger nail. I never thought I’d even think it was a horror, but I had grown attached to this project and so I have decided to start this again.

So from this week, I will be documenting my nail journey, alongside other rather important journeys. APOLOGIES for not writing in such a long time, I have no real excuse besides life and that’s a poor one.

Here’s stage one, painting my short nails in a bid to try not to pick at them.


Any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated.


A short story – the journey of a lifetime

Image courtesy of http://footage.shutterstock.com/clip-1191091-stock-footage-palms-and-trees-waving-to-the-wind-of-a-storm-and-rain-in-a-tropical-jungle-surrounding.html

Image courtesy of Shutterstock 

As the rain poured down, drenching Thev’s entire body and his unruly head of hair that never quite did what he wanted, he realised that he was lost in a state he never thought he would feel. A state of utter bewilderment. As Thev continued walking along the footpath swamped with muddy water, and watched as the palm leaves swung ferociously, almost delivering the anger his heart has felt all his life, he kept wondering why he suddenly felt such confusion. After twenty eight years, he was finally back to the country he last left as a young toddler crying out in anguish for his parents. This young, accomplished man was back to end his pain and suffering, but coming back has only confused his soul, and left him wondering why he decided on this trip in the first place. The walk that started at a slow pace, suddenly turned into a jog, as Thev began to feel ever so slightly heavier due to all the water seeping through his clothes and quickly, he entered his pin code into the keypad and leapt onto his sofa, away from the rain, away from the angry palm trees, but not any more closed off from his own mind.

This was the beginning of an altogether different journey for Thev, the more he thought about his rationale for being in this foreign place, the more he was beginning to realise he could have been wrong. So very wrong.

The noise startled Thev as he awoke from what was a short lived sense of calm in his sleep, and he feebly answered his mobile ‘Hello, Thev here?’ ‘Thevu, where have you gone? I’ve been leaving so many messages but you haven’t picked up your house phone for three days!’, said Ritu marmie (marmie meaning aunty). Ritu marmie, is the ‘L’ in lady, always so angelic in appearance, with her beautifully ornate saris and her hair tied back and her forehead doused in Kum-kum. Not only this, she is one of the only living relatives of Thev, of whom, who would kill herself if anything bad should happen to Thevu. Thev could hear the panic in her voice and it made him morbidly sad.’ Marmie, I’m fine, I just came for a holiday, a quick one, I will be back in a week.’ ‘Where are you Thevu, you could have told me before you left na?’ ‘Marms, I’m just visiting friends and doing some work out here, I will call you when I get better signal. Don’t worry ok? Love you and Marmu.’ Before, the poor ageing lady had a chance to answer, the moment was gone, as Thev hung up quickly, still deciding it would be best if no-one knew he was here. They would only try to stop him anyway.

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